“That’s how we win the universe” – Lauren Gunderson

Lauren“The Wedding of Veronika and Sean

 a la Lauren Gunderson, their biggest fan



 As we begin the exuberance of this day celebrating two joyful, kind-hearted, creative, resilient, smart,

and very attractive theatre artists…

I would feel remiss I didn’t say….

Please turn off your cellphones and unwrap any hard candies, note the exits (which are basically anywhere), lean back and enjoy the…

Fact that we are gathered here today

because of two incredible people…

and the fundamental forces of the universe.

Atoms from the centers of far off and long gone stars have crashed through chemical reactions large and small to land us in the wonder of consciousness and community right here and right now. Out of those ancient relationships of space, time, and energy comes

not just life, but the truly mysterious, confounding overwhelm of love.

Because Love? Is totally unnecessary.

Atoms don’t need it, photosynthesis doesn’t need it, even human reproduction doesn’t actually need it.

A truly rare thing in the universe, rarer than life itself,

is love. Which is pretty great for us.

Well done, humans! What a win, right? What a get!

But what do we do with it, this strange and beautiful accident of chemistry and biology?

Well. We should probably use it. A lot.

We should love each other, we should make peace,

and make jokes, and make a bunch of art.

That’s how we win the universe.

And that’s exactly why we’re here today.

To celebrate the – I’m gonna go ahead and say – cosmic love of Veronika and Sean.

This love is shared with each other, with all us gathered here, and with all of those people we so very much wish were here. And it’s even shared with those wild little atoms that have journeyed so long and won’t ever realize the wonder of which they are a part.

But we do.
Now let’s get these two married. ” – Lauren Gunderson



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