Cohort Year 2 Wrap Up: “one of the greatest testaments to human skill, ingenuity, and spirit that I know.”

Geva Journal

photo2“If you enjoy watching any creative process, an artist creating their work, this is something you just have to see!!“

We just finished up our second year of the Cohort Club.

As reported last year, our first attempt was a smash success. In the same year that we initiated this program, Geva saw a rise in both subscriptions and individual giving…and while we know many factors contributed to that good fortune, the buzz from the Cohort Club’s first year was addicting. So we thought, “Let’s expand!” For the Cohort Club’s second year we decided to launch two groups of Cohorts (one in the fall and one in the spring), each following the creation of two shows.

katieWhy two shows? We had a lot of feedback from the first Cohort group that it wasn’t until after witnessing the process of creating a production once that they knew what to…

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